Thứ Sáu, 15 tháng 3, 2013

Tarot FY-680 Hexa - Cont

Wow it is the busy time and just have some free tiem to day for motor assembly.
The motor is Foxtech 48-22 690 KV. I actually want to used the Sunnysky 3508 - 380 KV for 4S but this motor used 15" props and this kit can used max 13" only. May be I will make an extention with X650 motor mount parts.
However, this is some pics to shared

Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 3, 2013

Tarot FY-680 Hexa

Today I have new build hexacopter  kit from tarot FY680. This is foldable kit.
Some pic of kit build log. I am still consider on the electronic for this kit
KIT review: I am not sure if this is genius tarot kit since I got it from taobao website.
 what we have inside
 Out of BOX
 Closer look for carbon quality. The carbon is Ok butt he CNC is not really god . I think it is bunch, not CNC. The screws is not really good which is the same as tarot heli kit.
 Booms are carbon and very light weight.
 Just put parts together , in folded and unfold. The arm are very solid locked when folded and unfolded.

Hope to finish the kit assembly by next day.

Thứ Sáu, 8 tháng 3, 2013

Vtail Quad finish

finally the Vtail ahs been finished after 2 busy weeks :-)
Some pics to share:
With esc 30A reload simonk firmware and the sunnysky 2212 - 980KV  motors.
10x45 props on and Flycontrol is multiwii 2.1

thinking of new project :-))