Thứ Tư, 7 tháng 11, 2012

Overlaped Octokopter - Gimbal Damper & final kit

Just finish to CNC and assembly the Gimbal Damper for vibration isolated.
The damper used 2 place of fiberglass, (will change to carbon soon ), the topplate used for moutingthe gimbal, the bottom place for hookup to the main frame via 4 m3 screw with 45mm distance as the mk board which is mostly available in difference frame designs.
between 2 places are damping by 8 silicon tubes
How it is assembly (upside down)
 And it is on frame, the gimbal will book up to top place ,via the screw in the midle for the cinestar gimbal 3D or via side holds of top place
The landing gear is assemply but need to do some modify. since the props is overlap with others so 4 of motor will be turn up side down to make 2 layers of props similar as the X8 config.
Some more pics with canopy on :

All kit 

Chủ Nhật, 4 tháng 11, 2012

Overlaped Octokopter - part 2

Wow it is so busy time, just finish to assembly the motor and other electronic FC board. Waiting for the landing skid to finish and maiden.

Thứ Năm, 25 tháng 10, 2012

Overlaped Octokopter


Almost finish other multicopters assembly. It is time to go back to my mikrokopter project.


  • Kit: DIY Octo Copter Overlap config (will take about this)
  • FC Mikrokopter FC 2.1 ME, Navy control 1.0 and GPS , MK ESC V2.0
  • Motor RCTimer BC-3536 with 12x6 " carbon props (not really good motor but cheap)
  • 2 batteries 5200mah - 35C Duratek
  • GCS is Ipad 1 with AP220/Xbee linkup, ikopter software from Cydia.

Target used are air video, photograper for advertising and for GIS MAP application

At first time, it is planted to be the Y6 or X8.
After built and fly the X8 and Monster Octo, I change my mind.
The X8 is good for anti Wind, small footage so easy carry around but it lost the power.
The flat Octo is good in load but it is too big to carry anywhere.
Final I mix them together and become my Overlap Octo. The 12' props Octo should be about 850 to 900mm M2M, I resize it to 620mm M2M. The props will be overlap the others, but I place the motor as the X8, mean the CW motor is on top/face up. The CCW is on bottom/face down on it own arm. So I have some thing just  mix between Flat Octo and X8. The props still overlap but do not hit others since it in 2 difference layers. The area that wind flow overlap is much smaller than 100% as X8 config and it has free place for air come to props.
I did it just as the test of how it is efficiency compare with X8 or Octo and also in WIND resistance. Hope that some pics will tell more about what I am plan to do. Any suggestion is welcome.

Center base as the normal Flat Octocopter
 The batteries are on arms
Kit with arm on, the M2M will be 620mm , the front, back, left and right with CW motor will place on top/face up. The other motors CCW will be on bottom of their arm/face down. It helps the props not hit others
The MK FC and navy will be in center 

The FC will be cover with Lotus 580P 's Cover which I bought from Goodluckbuy.
The motor are on wire extended and will be finish on kit by this weekend.

Thứ Ba, 23 tháng 10, 2012

Multicopter all in one fly

I have replace the arms of my 1100mm monster Octo from alu to carbon tail boom. Doing fly test and also do some fly with other Octo X8.
The Octo Flat running with DJI Kwoong, The Octo X8 is running with YS-X6 and  the Hexa is Adrucopter.
Some pics and video to share with you you all.

The Monster with new carbon arms and props
Ready to Fly
 The Octo X8 with YS-X6 FC

Some video from the ground. The video from the X8 will be update soon.
Part 2

Naza Y6 FPV almost finish

Some pic of the Y6 naza almost finish and ready for testing.
Props will be carbon 10x47 and 3S fly

However the 433 module does not have the failsafe so I consider change to specktrum module.
The test video will be update soon.

Thứ Hai, 15 tháng 10, 2012

Another FPV Naza Y6 copter

This build for friend who love doing long range FPV.
The Y6 copter with 16mm round carbon arm, Frame is cnc of 1.5 Carbon Glass fiber.
Just finish assembly the kit and motor, will go next on tomorrow.
-Y6 Carbon Glass 1.5mm DIY CNC  - 16mm carbon arm - Foot print 550mm
- Motor Sunnysky 2212 - 980 KV with 10" carbon props - 3S lipo 10.000mAh
-ESC skywalk 40A (a bit over Amps) but it is Ok
- FC Naza with GPS
- Eagle FPV and OSD 2.4GHz Sony ccd camera for FPV
- GoPro V2 for video recording
-Tx/Rx module is long range 443 MHz for JR - Want to see how's this module work.

First kit with motor and ESC

More on next days..

Chủ Nhật, 14 tháng 10, 2012

Chủ Nhật, 7 tháng 10, 2012

Thứ Bảy, 6 tháng 10, 2012

Quad copter build for FoxtechFPV 48-22 Motor - Finish

Finally, the quad has been finished and ready to fly for load testing.
Fly control board Rabbit FC Firmware version 1.220.
 Kit almost finish , wait for the RX and start setup.

Final setup with 12x45 props.
The test will be done with 3S and 4S setup. Just waiting for the rain gone...

Thứ Hai, 1 tháng 10, 2012

Monster Octo 1100mm M2M

Hi friends,

It has a big even coming in urgent and support friend, I have to stop the Quad Copter build for FoxtechFPV 48-22 motor test in two days for this project  The Monster Octo with 1100mm M2M. Sorry FoxtechFPV for this delay, the 48-22 quad will be started back today and be finishing by tomorrow.
The terget of this project: Monster Octocopter 1100mm M2M is build a giant heavy octocopter which can carry the 5DMAX2 or even sony FS100 for Air Video production.
The configuration of this copter:
- Kit DIY carbon fiber with 2mm carbon plate and 21.5mm carbon tube from 600 size helicopter tail boom. The Plastic Boom Block is also Home make. Kit will be 1100mm Motor to Motor in size.
- Flycontrol is K-Woong DJI firmware 5.08 since the 5.12 seem to have problems with Octo config.
- Motor Tiger MT-3515 400Kv with 15x5" carbon props, driving by Hk F-40A ESC reflask with Simonk firmware at 5S 6000mAh x 2 packs.
-Camera Gimbal will be Cinestart with cinestar Freefly Gimbal control for Roll and Pitch. The YAw will be control by Futaba GY- 240 headlock gyro.
Some pictures of build process to shared with you all, please give advise to help this project.
The ESC and power distributed board assebply, This ESCs are very easy to ReFlask since the programing port is in line with round dot so easy to make connection for reflash. These has been reflash with Simonk firmware version Jun 2012. Thansk Simonk for loverly firmware.

Tope view
The good choice motor for multicopter Mt-3515 400KV except the price is HUGE.
Motors on arms which is currently aluminium tube and will replace with carbon boom when they arrived.
How big it is. This blog is stupid automatic rotated my pic 
More on size view 

FC control board and other electronic parts 
The battery is on top for easy replacement and also the bottom is place for camera gimbal
Final image , need to place Props on for ready to maiden Waitting for the bad raining weather gone ...
Maiden Video first test round, the second is on uploading

another maiden
With toltal weight of 5.3kg  ( without Gimbal)  it flys 20 minutes with 2packs 5S-5600mAh at 70% discharge volume.

Thứ Bảy, 29 tháng 9, 2012

Quad copter build for FoxtechFPV 48-22 Motor test - 2

It is terrible busy this time,so just do some kit assembly. All electronic part need another day for assembly.
Some picture of frame built to update the process.
Center Base with power distributed board

The motor on arm
 All kit ready just need time for electronic parts assembled.

Hope to finish it soon today or tomorrow...

Thứ Năm, 27 tháng 9, 2012

Quad copter build for FoxtechFPV 48-22 Motor test

Disk type motor is always look fantastic for Multirotor application. The FoxtechFPV has release new series of motor for multi copter and open the section of tester for review with free motor.
I do apply for testing of disk type 48-22 690KV motor and FoxtechFPV has send me 4 of this motor for testing. The testing  is plant on early of this week but duel to the delay of the CNC cut. I just got the frame CNC today and start the build log and hope can do maiden and test fly by this weekend.
Some pics of the build log :
The motor is look like belt type motor but the base and the stator are not separated as the dt700 or dt750,... It is a solid block and make the base and the motor very strong. This will help the motor less vibration and save the bearing. These are 4 motors which are free for testing from FoxtechFPV. Thansk for this chance.
Closer look at the motors, The motor can handle difference prop type with or without the prop adapter.

I build new kit design DIY for these motor test: 
The config will be
- Carbon DIY kit 550 M2M size and carbon fiber + 16mm tail boom.
- The Boom Blocks are also my DIY  which I have in full size from  12mm, 16mm, 21.5mm and squad 10x10 , 12x12 mm.
Pics of the carbon centre base , motor base and battery tray just out of my CNC machine

The ESCs are Mystery Clound 30A which I just update Simonk Firmware
More about the firmware see here
The esc is not re-cover yet :-))

It will plant to fly with 3-4S 4000mah x 2 pcs with 12x38 prop from
Flycontrol board will be RABIT FC with firmware version 1.220 or later firmware with all sensors, ultrasonic and GPS

More to come...

Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 9, 2012

HomeMade Boom Block

Just make some boomblock for multicopter built. It take to much time and money to order from US.
I did it all size, the material is  PA66: strong and good damping for vibration.
Some pics to share with you all.
- Tube 21.5 size, weight 4.5g/pcs, 4 pcs weight 18 grams as picture said.
- Tube 16mm size, weight 3.5g/pcs, 4 pcs weight 15 grams as picture said.

- Tube squad ture 12x12mm, weight 1.5g/pcs, 4 pcs weight 15 grams as picture said.
- Tube round 12mm or squad 10x10mm , weight 1.5 grams/pcs,

How many do I have?
Very good price.