Thứ Tư, 21 tháng 9, 2011

My New Project Y6 Copter size 600mm - Electronic parts

Hi, It is rainning day tody.
Start to continue my Y6 project with motor and esc assembly.
The motors are Emax CF2822, they look cool and light with only 39 grams/ea.
I am using 18AWG wires from hobbycity, very good silicon cover and price)
And the ESC are connected with 2mm gold plug from
Setting the motor and esc on Frame, I love the clean setup of wires so I put all cable inside of the boom and the ESCs are in sanswitch with  frames.

Motors are in place and next is the esc

look at the mesh fof wires , just confuse if I can fix it
Try my best and it look better now.
 with teh Top frame plate on
 Almost finish
And the landing gear to finish basic electronic part,

Next days is for Flight control board and RX.... Timw for sleep now.

Chủ Nhật, 18 tháng 9, 2011

My New Project Y6 Copter size 600mm - Frame build

As the post in last few days

I got frame from My friends in Ha Noi Mr Hung who did the CNC of my design.
Here is the frame with 2mm FiberGlass and Trex 500 hekicopter til boom (OD 16mm).

Detail of center base and arm
Quick assembly frame 
It is folable

The electronic part: motor emax F2822 - 1200Kv Pros 10x45 Lipo 3S 5000mAh

The ESCs are Turnigy Plus 25A from Hobbyking
And my DIY Multiwii Flycontrol board with 10DOF sensors and ppm SUM signal for RX.
More come on next coming days for electronic assembly....

Thứ Ba, 13 tháng 9, 2011

My New Project Y6 Copter size 600mm

This kis my new project start to go, The y6 copter with my DIY MultiWii Control board with 10 DOF sensor and ppm converter.
Start with Frame design using fiberglass and Trex 500 heli tail boom(OD 16mm).
This is the 3D CAD. Thanks for my friend Mr Hung Maria for build 3D model from my 2D CAD design. He also help on the CNC this frame with his DIY CNC machine.
The Config for this is:
Props 10x47 from FlyingHobby for Gaui 500 Quad.
DIY MultiWii control board with 10DOFs and ppm converter build in.
 Motor 6 Emax  CF2822 - 1200Kv
More coming .....

My RC Hobby

I spent more than 15 years on RC and mostly on Airplan and Helicopter.
Just last year I start the Multicopter and really enjoin with these copters. I open this Blog mostly for my Multicopter hobby.
Some pics of my built copters shared with you :
My Mini quadcopter with my build KK control Board
Here it in In Flying on top of my car
It fly very well and enjoin.
Some other builts for me and for friends also, Some i do not have pic.
Big QuadCopter wiht 9050 3 blades props
Quadcopter Acrylic frame

Big Hexa copter wiht 10x47 props
Hex mini

Here is new Y6 mini copter on build but I plan to convert it to Y4 for testing new control board
My build Control board
KK control Board
Mini KK control board with removable sensor board

My Lastest MultiWii control board with 10 DOF sensors, ppm converter
This board will go for my new Y6 copter size 600mm Motor 2 Motor. I will post pic of these soon when finish it.

hope you enjoin these pics