Thứ Tư, 21 tháng 9, 2011

My New Project Y6 Copter size 600mm - Electronic parts

Hi, It is rainning day tody.
Start to continue my Y6 project with motor and esc assembly.
The motors are Emax CF2822, they look cool and light with only 39 grams/ea.
I am using 18AWG wires from hobbycity, very good silicon cover and price)
And the ESC are connected with 2mm gold plug from
Setting the motor and esc on Frame, I love the clean setup of wires so I put all cable inside of the boom and the ESCs are in sanswitch with  frames.

Motors are in place and next is the esc

look at the mesh fof wires , just confuse if I can fix it
Try my best and it look better now.
 with teh Top frame plate on
 Almost finish
And the landing gear to finish basic electronic part,

Next days is for Flight control board and RX.... Timw for sleep now.

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