Thứ Ba, 13 tháng 9, 2011

My New Project Y6 Copter size 600mm

This kis my new project start to go, The y6 copter with my DIY MultiWii Control board with 10 DOF sensor and ppm converter.
Start with Frame design using fiberglass and Trex 500 heli tail boom(OD 16mm).
This is the 3D CAD. Thanks for my friend Mr Hung Maria for build 3D model from my 2D CAD design. He also help on the CNC this frame with his DIY CNC machine.
The Config for this is:
Props 10x47 from FlyingHobby for Gaui 500 Quad.
DIY MultiWii control board with 10DOFs and ppm converter build in.
 Motor 6 Emax  CF2822 - 1200Kv
More coming .....

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  1. Con nay ma nap lai code thi bay chuan lam caotri a`

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  2. Thanks for comments .
    hehe con nay bay chuan lau roi ma, code multiwii 1.9

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