Chủ Nhật, 18 tháng 9, 2011

My New Project Y6 Copter size 600mm - Frame build

As the post in last few days

I got frame from My friends in Ha Noi Mr Hung who did the CNC of my design.
Here is the frame with 2mm FiberGlass and Trex 500 hekicopter til boom (OD 16mm).

Detail of center base and arm
Quick assembly frame 
It is folable

The electronic part: motor emax F2822 - 1200Kv Pros 10x45 Lipo 3S 5000mAh

The ESCs are Turnigy Plus 25A from Hobbyking
And my DIY Multiwii Flycontrol board with 10DOF sensors and ppm SUM signal for RX.
More come on next coming days for electronic assembly....

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