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Monster Octo 1100mm M2M

Hi friends,

It has a big even coming in urgent and support friend, I have to stop the Quad Copter build for FoxtechFPV 48-22 motor test in two days for this project  The Monster Octo with 1100mm M2M. Sorry FoxtechFPV for this delay, the 48-22 quad will be started back today and be finishing by tomorrow.
The terget of this project: Monster Octocopter 1100mm M2M is build a giant heavy octocopter which can carry the 5DMAX2 or even sony FS100 for Air Video production.
The configuration of this copter:
- Kit DIY carbon fiber with 2mm carbon plate and 21.5mm carbon tube from 600 size helicopter tail boom. The Plastic Boom Block is also Home make. Kit will be 1100mm Motor to Motor in size.
- Flycontrol is K-Woong DJI firmware 5.08 since the 5.12 seem to have problems with Octo config.
- Motor Tiger MT-3515 400Kv with 15x5" carbon props, driving by Hk F-40A ESC reflask with Simonk firmware at 5S 6000mAh x 2 packs.
-Camera Gimbal will be Cinestart with cinestar Freefly Gimbal control for Roll and Pitch. The YAw will be control by Futaba GY- 240 headlock gyro.
Some pictures of build process to shared with you all, please give advise to help this project.
The ESC and power distributed board assebply, This ESCs are very easy to ReFlask since the programing port is in line with round dot so easy to make connection for reflash. These has been reflash with Simonk firmware version Jun 2012. Thansk Simonk for loverly firmware.

Tope view
The good choice motor for multicopter Mt-3515 400KV except the price is HUGE.
Motors on arms which is currently aluminium tube and will replace with carbon boom when they arrived.
How big it is. This blog is stupid automatic rotated my pic 
More on size view 

FC control board and other electronic parts 
The battery is on top for easy replacement and also the bottom is place for camera gimbal
Final image , need to place Props on for ready to maiden Waitting for the bad raining weather gone ...
Maiden Video first test round, the second is on uploading

another maiden
With toltal weight of 5.3kg  ( without Gimbal)  it flys 20 minutes with 2packs 5S-5600mAh at 70% discharge volume.

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  1. Caotri, how do you made the boom clamps? 3D printing? are you willing to sale it :D

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