Thứ Năm, 27 tháng 9, 2012

Quad copter build for FoxtechFPV 48-22 Motor test

Disk type motor is always look fantastic for Multirotor application. The FoxtechFPV has release new series of motor for multi copter and open the section of tester for review with free motor.
I do apply for testing of disk type 48-22 690KV motor and FoxtechFPV has send me 4 of this motor for testing. The testing  is plant on early of this week but duel to the delay of the CNC cut. I just got the frame CNC today and start the build log and hope can do maiden and test fly by this weekend.
Some pics of the build log :
The motor is look like belt type motor but the base and the stator are not separated as the dt700 or dt750,... It is a solid block and make the base and the motor very strong. This will help the motor less vibration and save the bearing. These are 4 motors which are free for testing from FoxtechFPV. Thansk for this chance.
Closer look at the motors, The motor can handle difference prop type with or without the prop adapter.

I build new kit design DIY for these motor test: 
The config will be
- Carbon DIY kit 550 M2M size and carbon fiber + 16mm tail boom.
- The Boom Blocks are also my DIY  which I have in full size from  12mm, 16mm, 21.5mm and squad 10x10 , 12x12 mm.
Pics of the carbon centre base , motor base and battery tray just out of my CNC machine

The ESCs are Mystery Clound 30A which I just update Simonk Firmware
More about the firmware see here
The esc is not re-cover yet :-))

It will plant to fly with 3-4S 4000mah x 2 pcs with 12x38 prop from
Flycontrol board will be RABIT FC with firmware version 1.220 or later firmware with all sensors, ultrasonic and GPS

More to come...

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