Thứ Năm, 25 tháng 10, 2012

Overlaped Octokopter


Almost finish other multicopters assembly. It is time to go back to my mikrokopter project.


  • Kit: DIY Octo Copter Overlap config (will take about this)
  • FC Mikrokopter FC 2.1 ME, Navy control 1.0 and GPS , MK ESC V2.0
  • Motor RCTimer BC-3536 with 12x6 " carbon props (not really good motor but cheap)
  • 2 batteries 5200mah - 35C Duratek
  • GCS is Ipad 1 with AP220/Xbee linkup, ikopter software from Cydia.

Target used are air video, photograper for advertising and for GIS MAP application

At first time, it is planted to be the Y6 or X8.
After built and fly the X8 and Monster Octo, I change my mind.
The X8 is good for anti Wind, small footage so easy carry around but it lost the power.
The flat Octo is good in load but it is too big to carry anywhere.
Final I mix them together and become my Overlap Octo. The 12' props Octo should be about 850 to 900mm M2M, I resize it to 620mm M2M. The props will be overlap the others, but I place the motor as the X8, mean the CW motor is on top/face up. The CCW is on bottom/face down on it own arm. So I have some thing just  mix between Flat Octo and X8. The props still overlap but do not hit others since it in 2 difference layers. The area that wind flow overlap is much smaller than 100% as X8 config and it has free place for air come to props.
I did it just as the test of how it is efficiency compare with X8 or Octo and also in WIND resistance. Hope that some pics will tell more about what I am plan to do. Any suggestion is welcome.

Center base as the normal Flat Octocopter
 The batteries are on arms
Kit with arm on, the M2M will be 620mm , the front, back, left and right with CW motor will place on top/face up. The other motors CCW will be on bottom of their arm/face down. It helps the props not hit others
The MK FC and navy will be in center 

The FC will be cover with Lotus 580P 's Cover which I bought from Goodluckbuy.
The motor are on wire extended and will be finish on kit by this weekend.

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