Thứ Hai, 15 tháng 10, 2012

Another FPV Naza Y6 copter

This build for friend who love doing long range FPV.
The Y6 copter with 16mm round carbon arm, Frame is cnc of 1.5 Carbon Glass fiber.
Just finish assembly the kit and motor, will go next on tomorrow.
-Y6 Carbon Glass 1.5mm DIY CNC  - 16mm carbon arm - Foot print 550mm
- Motor Sunnysky 2212 - 980 KV with 10" carbon props - 3S lipo 10.000mAh
-ESC skywalk 40A (a bit over Amps) but it is Ok
- FC Naza with GPS
- Eagle FPV and OSD 2.4GHz Sony ccd camera for FPV
- GoPro V2 for video recording
-Tx/Rx module is long range 443 MHz for JR - Want to see how's this module work.

First kit with motor and ESC

More on next days..

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