Thứ Tư, 7 tháng 11, 2012

Overlaped Octokopter - Gimbal Damper & final kit

Just finish to CNC and assembly the Gimbal Damper for vibration isolated.
The damper used 2 place of fiberglass, (will change to carbon soon ), the topplate used for moutingthe gimbal, the bottom place for hookup to the main frame via 4 m3 screw with 45mm distance as the mk board which is mostly available in difference frame designs.
between 2 places are damping by 8 silicon tubes
How it is assembly (upside down)
 And it is on frame, the gimbal will book up to top place ,via the screw in the midle for the cinestar gimbal 3D or via side holds of top place
The landing gear is assemply but need to do some modify. since the props is overlap with others so 4 of motor will be turn up side down to make 2 layers of props similar as the X8 config.
Some more pics with canopy on :

All kit 

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