Thứ Bảy, 5 tháng 4, 2014

Long Flight X8 Quad Build for FPV

Hi ,

I love your built and try to buy my X8 also. Hơever I start with Quad config first.
This is my config:
Kit Iroman tarot 650
Motro sunnysky 3508V- 380KV
Props carbon from himodel 17x55 fly at 3S 5000mah or 2x 3S 5000mah
Flight Control is Adrucopter 2.5.2 with firmware
ESS BLHeli 20A ESC tube version: I love this since it used the BLheli firmware and easy to wired.

More detail part:
The BLHeli ESC Tube version

Motor SunnySky V-series 3508-360KV I have 6 of them now will buy 2 more for X8 after this quad build.

ESC and motor assembled within tube.

Almost finish the kit and motor , esc. Next will be the adrucopter FC and other FPV stuffs.

For easy to carry to fiels, I used the quick release prop adapter:

With props, ready fro FC config.

Hope to finish it soon and test of fligh time.
It will become X8 after all but I love to try with quad config frrst.

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