Thứ Bảy, 17 tháng 5, 2014

Reform my Kong 450 to 620 with low RPM, big props setup for long flight time

I like to spider quad. I also have a Sky-hero 750 and Kongcopter 450 from X-CAM.
However they do not support disk type motors which I like for low rpm setup.
As you know I also built a ironman 650 quad with lower rpm and big prop setup which can fly 25 minutes on 3S 5500 mAh.

I start new project to reform my Kong 450 to low rpm , big prop setup.

I bought a set of carbon arm tube for Kong 550 size and 4 of 25mm alu motor base from himodel.

Replace the 450 alu tube and motor base with this I for the quad with M2M is 620mm. So I have a Kongcopter 620 which and used large disk type motor.

My setup for this:

My reform Kong Copter 620.
Motor Sunnysky V3508-380KV with 15x5 props and 4S battery.
Tube version 20A Simonk firmware ESC as my iron man long flight time quad
Kit , motor are ready, need tiem for esc wiring and setup APM.

Hope I can finish it by next weekend ...

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  1. Cho em hỏi, cái motor mount của kong sau khi thay ra a có bán lại ko a ?? e đang cần để ráp con quad của mình, e cảm ơn !!

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  2. aha ban chu de cung ddau lam gi :-)

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  3. anh tri mua cai mount bao nhieu vay . em cung muon mua 4 cái anh nt em giá voi nha
    0923.700009 tuấn

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  4. mount mau ddo nhom ddo anh mua ve den dday gia 320K/cai.

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