Thứ Năm, 30 tháng 8, 2012

Another Air photo multicopter project S802 Octokopter

This build of STO S802 octocopter for my friend airphoto project.
The Octocopter with S802 STO frame and gimbal. Flycontrol is multiwii Flydruino 2.0 mega
Motor DT700 and 30A 400Hz Simonk firmware flashed ESC.
The gimbal come with STO802 kit
and the final with my little boy very excited
Config tool for multiwii 2.0 GUI

beside that some mini quad also build for friends. Building helicopter and multicopter is my big hobby :-))
this is Hobbyking micro PCB quad and nextto it is the hexacopter with 1510 motors and 5x3 props
Two of quad copter with 2212 sunnysky angle motor and 2205 motor

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