Thứ Sáu, 31 tháng 8, 2012

Profession Y6 copter for Air Video with K-Woong DJI

After the octocopter which is not really good since the gimbal isn't good enought. I start the Y6 hexa copter project with DJI K-Woong and Cinestar gimbal for my friend who doing professional Air video.

This Y6 has finish build and do a lot of test fly will all FPV for pilot and also fpv for camera man. The camera is control buy the secondary TX. The configuration are:

Motor DT700, Esc Turnigy Plus 25A, props 11x47 APC and carbon props from
5.8Ghz TX/RX x 2 sets for FPV and for camera man. Gimbal control board is Multiwii 2.1 with Gimbal config.

Some assembly pictures and video to shared with
The kit with anti-vibration damper

Almost finish , it is going to use the 11x47 carbon props

The Y6 on action with Sony Nex5n 

More to come .........

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