Thứ Sáu, 31 tháng 8, 2012

Rabbit Flycontrol - Good choice for money

Reading  on the rcgroups and I give a try on Rabbit FC board. Which is rather good price for FC with all sensor 10DOF, ultrasonic, GPS.
Also the very good kit is sk450 size for quad.
The sk450 kit is a bit heavy but very strong and well design. I am using 4 of sunnysky angle 2212 - 980kv with 4S lipo 1800 and 8x4 GAUI props.
Flight time is about 10 minute with sport fly. The Rabbit board do well with GPs position hold, Return to home and carefree. The height lock is Ok with ultrasonic under 3m and baro for higher.
I am very happy this board. easy setup, easy turnning.
Forgot to take some pics but got video

I also give it a try on my friend Mk octo kit since his kit has faulty ESC, so I replace with rabbit and HK F-30A ESC and Simonk Firmware
It fly well too, this is just a maiden video, will do some turning soon.

The wire need ti trim for cleaner view also. will fix teh Gimbal on this octo for air picture. Since he just doing air photo so I will using this gimbal with a bit modify for tilt camera Damping Pivot Gimbal.
The camera moutn will be using like this for changing the pitch of camera for picture taken.

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