Thứ Năm, 30 tháng 8, 2012

The second hexa copter for ADDY Vo DJI 550

After the terrible crash it seem will cost to much for fix it, Addy Vo ask me convert the old crashed hexa to new kit and FC: the DJI 550 hexa with naza FC and GPS. All the landing skid  and gimbal get to new kit
The naza is real good FC , easy setup and good GPS lock. I took some pic but can remember where to put it.

Just have some test Video of setup GPS, return to home, fail-safe..
The load test with 2 bottle of mineral water of 500ml make load of 1kg. The sunnysky angle is power full. the hexa lift off and fly with 40 to 45%  of throttle

This new hexa now in my friend Addy Vo place and waiting for his time to try.
by the time I did some rabbit FC quad and Octo copter also another Y6 copter with DJI K-Woong for air Video. Will update soon....

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